Targeted Content Marketing

Targeted Content Marketing

Every small business owner craves a revenue generating website. A content marketing strategy will enhance your customer engagement, improve SEO and increase traffic to your website.
– Content Creation
– Content Curation
– Tracking and Optimisation
Milkshake-factory optimises content for quality, readability and search performance as it is created.

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Website Evaluation, Design and Development

Website Evaluation, Design and Development

Need a website for your business? Or have an existing site and want it updated? Milkshake-factory provides you direction in achieving great results and driving traffic to your website.
– Website design and development
– Website hosting
– Website monitoring
Milkshake-factory takes special care on customising websites, tailoring to your business requirements.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

It can be overwhelming creating your social media presence, Milkshake-factory can help you get started. We’ll research your target audience and find where they’re most active online, to then build on your social presence.
– Facebook
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
See how Milkshake-factory can improve your Social Media Strategy.

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Great ideas to attract more customers

Content is more critical now than ever before. Cut through the noise, serve useful and relevant content to your target audience.

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What is ad blocking?

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2016

The ins and outs of ad blocking Many users these days are using ad blockers when viewing content such as ads, media, social widgets or tracking beacons online. Ad blocking is the act of selectively downloading material when visiting a website or using an app, thus “blocking” the unwanted items from loading. How does ad blocking work? Ad blocking involves software that is usually installed as an extension into a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Once installed, it filters content in two main ways: By checking against a (crowdsourced) blacklist of domain names and stopping them from loading, and Then checking the page after it has loaded and removing any items that fit certain rules, like images with standard ad dimensions or text within a box that says “sponsored.” Why would someone use an ad blocker? There are four main reasons someone would use an ad blocker and these are: Speed – Web pages generally take time to load due to hundreds of tags, images, megabytes of video, etc, so preventing all of this from loading drastically speeds up the website. Privacy – Most ad networks and tracking systems (like Google Analytics) collect information about user behavior and pages visited, which can lead to privacy issues. Ad blockers stop all of this and make it easy to browse privately. Security – The display (banner) ecosystem is still the largest part of online ads, where ad networks have allowed for third-party JavaScript and Flash files to run in ad slots. Both of these options allow for malicious code to be run, which has led to users getting infected with viruses and malware....

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Attract more customers using Facebook

Posted by admin on Jan 24, 2016

For small businesses, there are many opportunities to obtain more customers using Facebook. Showing dedicated messages, ads and offers to a segmented audience, can drive more customers. Make the most out of your advertising options with these four tips: 1. Effectively use Facebook Offers Facebook Offers is a great to draw the attention of your existing followers, to their friends and related audiences, thus making it a great opportunity to create an exclusive discount. Be mindful that Facebook may reject your ad if it has too much text. 2. Target your ads Create objects for your ads. For example: increase the visitors to your site. If you set you ad criteria to target a specific audience, your campaign won’t reach many people at all. On the other hand, if you barely specify any parameters, your campaign will go largely ignored and be presented to the wrong audience. 3. Test, test, test If your ads aren’t performing well, change it one variable at a time. Maybe the creative isn’t alluring enough, or maybe the call to action isn’t as clear as it should be. Even colours can make a difference to increasing the amount of clicks. If possible, split your budget multiple ways to run different ads to test these variables one at a time. Once you’ve discovered the winning combination of content, creative, and call-to-action, invest heavily in your ads! 4. Likes do not translate to sales This is absolutely important to keep in mind before you select “Boost your posts” or “Promote your Page” in the ad creator. You can pour all of your money into getting likes for your Facebook Page,...

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Increase your audience by finding the right content topic for your blog

Posted by admin on Apr 21, 2014

If your serious about getting more visitors to your website, then you need to follow these simple steps: Step #1: Do your research to find the most engaging topic your audience is interested in. Try not to publish topics that you think will work, do your research first. These handy tools will help you find the most engaging topics: is a website that sells websites and the content within the website. Use the search field and type in a keyword related to your niche. Filter the results that get at least 1000 unique results per month. is a great tool to find more ideas. If you don’t find anything promising, then click on the “top” tab which will filter the most popular threads. is another great tool that your competition isn’t using. Most people think that Pinterest is mostly used by stay-at-home mums – not true! Pinterest helps drive more traffic to your website that other popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great platform to get your juices flowing. Moz’s Open Site Explorer shows you the authority of websites and webpages based on inbound links. This is a great tool to spy on your competitors. Enter their url into the tool and click on the top pages tab. Keep an eye out for pages that have a lot of “Linking Root Domains,” this is a fancy way of saying “the number of sites that link to that page.” Step #2: Your research will identify the most engaging topics; take these and make it better. There is a simple way to make engaging topics...

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Website Evaluation, Design and Development

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