10 Tips For Startups To Boost Word Of Mouth

word of mouth via social media, Jenny Nedanovski, milkshake-factoryThe best startups have great brand awareness and customer loyalty. While social media provides the ability to connect with customers, both one on one and on a bigger scale, successfully improving customer loyalty through social media requires a different approach than standard brick and mortar strategies. Nothing replaces world class products and great customer service. But they’re not enough either.

Startups, here are 10 tips that will kick your word of mouth marketing via social media to the next level:

1. Make It Easy To Follow You:

It’s important that you give customers an easy means to connect with you on different networks. Display your social account icons on your website, and install an easy sharing app for all your content. Also, show your accounts on email signatures, eDMs and anywhere else that your customers are likely to encounter your brand.

2. Make It Easy To Find You

Make sure to use your brand name, or as close as possible, on the major networks and list your company name and URL in your social media account descriptions.

3. Reach Out

Getting connected with as many customers and contacts as possible is the first step in using social as an effective loyalty tool.

4. Value Is Everything

Offer high value content that shows your expertise, including social media exclusives. Use great content to demonstrate your knowledge, products, and unique value proposition.

5. Targeted Content

Conduct market research and find out what problems are urgently facing your market and offer content that helps educate, inform, and inspire them. The more valuable your content is, the more it will help deepen your relationships over time. It will also help create the context to convert customers into brand advocates, encouraging them to share your content with their friends, family, and colleagues.

6. Actively Engage

The key to powerful business-to-customer social relations is that you need to change your mindset from “doing social” to actually “being social.” Don’t just constantly push content out to your users, no matter how valuable. Take the time to really have a conversation. Are you responding to comments? Thanking people for retweets?

7. Quickly Address Concerns

We’re now in an age where one of the fastest ways to get customer service concerns addressed is through public complaining. Any number of businesses can tell you about the potential impact of dissatisfied customers taking to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube with their complaints. Use customer concerns to build loyalty, with that customer and with the audience that’s watching.

8. Be Transparent

Acknowledge every complaint and work to address it quickly. Adhere to your policies, but do your best to find a resolution that satisfies everyone. Don’t be afraid to approach problems in a spirit of transparency, and instead focus on your commitment to resolving issues when they do arise.

9. Develop Special Promotions

You want to capture people’s attention and get them to engage. Exclusive promotions and contests are a great way to do that in a format that’s optimized for social.

10. Know Your Metrics

Is social media really contributing to your customer loyalty efforts? The only way to know is to measure it. Specific customer metrics can include looking at the following on a per customer basis: brand mentions, web visits, referrals, and time on site.

What Next

Smart startups are very a customer oriented, have a value creation mindset and look for opportunities to create genuine engagement. If you follow these tips, not only will you be improving your brand’s image with your customers but you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

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