5 Tips To Create Great Content For Small Business

TIp #1 Stay On Top Of Industry News

You must be plugged in with news and trends related to your industry if you’re going to create relevant, timely content. It’s easy to follow even dozens of news and commentary sources:

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from bloggers that cover your industry or speak to your target audience.
  • Subscribe to email newsletters from niche publications that cover your industry, as well as your vendors and even your competitors.
  • Set up Google Alerts for non-branded keywords related to your industry, your products, and your persona’s pain points.

By checking these feeds every day, you’ll find tons of content ideas. You might write a blog post that comments on a major news headline, or explains why a certain event matters to your audience. You might notice a trend burning up the blogs and media outlets in your niche and decide to create a webinar on the topic.

TIp #2 Monitor Social Conversations

Social media gives you a real-time feed of what your prospects are talking about. If you listen carefully, you’ll find plenty of good hooks for new content. Not only that, but content that’s generated from social conversations points to the type of information that gets easily distributed via social media. Many people go on Twitter or Facebook to ask for recommendations about choosing new vendors or service providers. Why not create an ebook to provide suggestions, which you can then share the next time you see someone asking for a recommendation?

TIp #3 Recruit A Team of Content Creators

Get your coworkers to contribute by:

  • Asking them to write occasional blog posts relevant to their job functions.
  • Interviewing them and posting short videos that share their expertise.
  • Inviting them to give short presentations or answer questions in webinars.

TIp #4 Keep A Content Backlog & Style Bank

Regular blogging is a cornerstone of inbound marketing, so make sure you’ve got plenty of ideas on hand for updating your blog at least daily. Keep a backlog of the topics you want to cover. Style banks present another great tool to facilitate your writing strategy. Style banks generally encompass writing templates and design ideas that result in fresh and compelling content. Ideas for your blog style bank include:

  • Bulleted lists
  • Book, movie, and product reviews
  • Photos and captions
  • Videos
  • How-to guides
  • Interviews

TIp #5 Repurpose Content

Almost every piece of content you create can be adapted, reused, modified and republished in another format. Make a habit of finding multiple ways to package and distribute the same information in different formats. Here are a few ideas:

  • Combine text from an old whitepaper with new videos to create a video (multimedia) ebook.
  • Turn videos into blog posts and ebooks.
  • Use webinar questions and comments to create a new ebook. Once the webinar is over, you can compile the most interesting or commonly asked questions from the audience with answers from your team for a nice piece of content that directly addresses your prospects’ pain points.
  • Share all company presentations in multiple formats. Post the slides on SlideShare, upload a video of the speech on YouTube, and create a series of blog posts that dive into specific points discussed during the presentation.

What Next

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