10 Tips To Nurture Your Leads

1) Make Smart Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Smart CTAs enable you to automatically display different CTAs to different visitors based on information you’ve already collected about them in your contacts database. For example, you may want to show new visitors to your blog a CTA for a very educational.

2) Blog About Topics Sourced From Client Questions

Chat with your customers, ask questions on things they are not too sure about and blog on these topics.

3) Email Content to Segments of Unengaged Leads

Consider reviving a segment of your leads who haven’t engaged with you in a while by sending them some low-commitment blog content to warm them up again.

4) Add Workflows

Not all content you use to nurture leads needs to be offer content that requires a form submission. You might kick start a workflow after a visitor converts into a lead on an ebook offer, sending an email that includes some of your top articles that align with the subject matter of that particular ebook.

5) Add Links for Blog Content to Other Parts of Your Website

Adding links for relevant blog articles to other pages of your website that leads are likely to visit (like product pages) can reinforce your position as an industry expert and, thus, help nurture leads into customers.

6) Weave Your Service Mentions Into Content

You don’t want to turn off your blog readers by being overly promotional in your blog content, but they’ll likely tolerate a product mention here or there, and then when they’re ready to make a purchase, your business may end up being top of mind.

7) Use Top/Sidebar Blog Real Estate Wisely

A great way to use your sidebar real estate for lead nurturing is by featuring CTAs on the sidebar of your blog.

8) Link To Offers

Just like incorporating product mentions, this should be done in moderation.

9) Encourage Blog Subscription

Convert leads who are casual blog readers into dedicated subscribers who keep coming back for more, so you can keep exposing them to and nurturing them with your content, as well as all the awesome lead nurturing opportunities you’ve implemented on your blog using our tips above.

10) Promote Your Social Media Presence on Your Blog

Your social media presence can double as a lead management. It’s a great idea to use your blog to promote your social media accounts and encourage readers to follow you on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.

What Next

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