10 Tips To Optimise Facebook Page And Increase SEO

Setting up a Facebook Page is easy but to maximize its potential for brand visibility requires constant updating and testing. You can follow these steps yourself, otherwise consulting with an Australian Freelancer could also help.

Tip 1: Create A Vanity URL For Your Facebook Page

You will need to have at least 25 fans before you are able to claim a username for your page.

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Tip 2:  Add About Information To Your Profile

Ensure you include information about who, what, when, where and why in your about section.  You can also add products, brand testimonials or social media contacts so your fans can spot them


Tip 3:  Important Tabs Should Be Visible

When people visit your Facebook Page without logging in, the most important tabs should be visible to them.

Tip 4:  Optimise About With Clickable Links

Although each Facebook page is given 255 characters limit for its ‘About’ section, but the first 78 characters are critical because those are showing up partially at your sidebar before visitors need to click ‘More’ to read the rest. Thus, make sure the most important info or links are displayed ahead of your message.

Tip 5:  Link Preview For Facebook Comments

The new updated feature to allow link preview in comments is a bonus. One can collapse or expand the preview so to understand more about the link shared. How Facebook determines which thumbnail to show next to the post excerpt is beyond our comprehension. However, an attractive introduction can definitely encourage click-through so be sure to customize your post and comment well.

Tip 6:  Enhance Custom Tabs

A page with clearly defined, eye-catching custom tabs has slight edge over those that do not. There are too many ways you can customise a fancy tab with iFrame apps. A sophisticated tab can be simple, as long the brand info is delivered and participation from fans is achieved.

Tip 7:  Strategise Status Updates

I’m not a big fan of importing tweets into Facebook but if you must do so, be sure to monitor their performances in Insights to see if the tweets are helping or cluttering your Page wall with zero engagements. It’s always great to leverage our social networking platforms for maximum brand visibility, but without proper planning, those @mentions and shortened URLs may seem pointless and spammy. A marketing strategy could define your social media outlook, contact a melbourne marketing consultant

Tip 8: Link Your Website To Managed Page via Likebox

Although the ultimate goal is to drive fans to your main site, you should too, utilize Likebox to direct existing facebook users to your Page for further engagement and social sharing. The more people like your page and engage via wall posts and comments, higher chance for your page updates to appear in your fans’ and their friends’ news feed or Ticker.

Tip 9:  Facebook Commenting

Use Facebook as your page whenever necessary to comment on other Pages. This is a great solution to raise brand awareness and obtain the publicity your page desires while building relationship with other pages.

Tip 10: Integrate Pinterest to Your Facebook Page

Pinterest as the virtual pinboard service is definitely one of the rising social media trends to watch in 2012. If you are using Pinterest to boost your brand with visual compelling images, now is the best time to integrate it into your Facebook Page to attract more eyeballs and followers. The process is simple:

a) Add iframehost to your Page via ‘Install Page Tab’-> Select your page in the drop down -> Add Static IFrame Tab.

b) In your Tab Settings -> Page Source (select ‘URL’), enter your Pinterest account link as shown below and Save Changes.

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