5 Tips Small Business Follow For Content Generation

content strategy 5 tipsWe have covered some key points to help small businesses develop a great content strategy.

  1. Use behavioral and demographic information about your prospects to develop buyer personas based on their interests and needs, then target your content accordingly.
  2. Before you start creating new content, conduct an audit of your existing content to identify the topics and personas you should focus on and set up guidelines for new content.
  3. Map your content to the buying cycle of your customers to ensure that you’re creating content that works best for your readers based on which stage they are in.
  4. Create an editorial calendar to build a detailed schedule for creating and publishing content.
  5. Find new ways to come up with creative content topics that are relevant, helpful, and fun for your readers, and keep a backlog of these ideas so you always have some on hand when you’re ready to create new content.

Content alone can’t generate inbound marketing success. The pieces you create have to fit into an overall strategy of SEO, social media  engagement, lead nurturing, measurement, and optimisation. But with a well-defined content strategy, a detailed editorial calendar, and a good topic backlog, you’ll be publishing content like a pro and be on well on your way to becoming a more effective marketer.

What Next

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