5 Tips To Stand Out In Small Business Practise

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1. Better Writing

When a site comes up in search, what you see is a headline and approximately 150 characters of text describing the web page. The words displayed here are crucial. Search engines extract these words directly from the meta-data in the HTML code that makes up each page of your site. The headline is taken from the title tags in the HTML, and the ‘blurb’ is taken from the meta-description, both of which can be filled with information about the page to make your listing appear more relevant to the searcher’s interests.

2. Do Something Different

Include a unique selling point inside the page’s meta-description, as this will help your business stand out from the rest. A message as simple as ‘free shipping’, ‘free quote’, or ‘ask an expert’ can go a long way.

3. Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a series of features within AdWords that, when filled out, let you display additional information about your business in paid search results. They don’t cost more to use, but do increase the likelihood of a click, which will cost you if you’ve opted for the pay-per-click system.

4. Google Places

One of the most effective search tools available to businesses is Google Places. This is a service in which a business can ‘claim’ its geographic location as a listing on Google Maps. Claiming a Places listing can make your business easier for nearby customers to find through searches on their mobile phone. It can also result in the addition of a map to organic and paid search listings, pinpointing your business’s location for the search user.

5. Social Media

Google has begun to personalise searches by using data pulled from the searcher’s Google+ account. If a person searches for your type of business in Google, and one of their contacts on Google+ has linked to your site using the social media platform, then this connection will be highlighted in the searcher’s results as a kind of ‘social’ recommendation.

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