Attract more customers using Facebook

For small businesses, there are many opportunities to obtain more customers using Facebook. Showing dedicated messages, ads and offers to a segmented audience, can drive more customers. Make the most out of your advertising options with these four tips:

1. Effectively use Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers is a great to draw the attention of your existing followers, to their friends and related audiences, thus making it a great opportunity to create an exclusive discount. Be mindful that Facebook may reject your ad if it has too much text.

2. Target your ads

Create objects for your ads. For example: increase the visitors to your site. If you set you ad criteria to target a specific audience, your campaign won’t reach many people at all. On the other hand, if you barely specify any parameters, your campaign will go largely ignored and be presented to the wrong audience.

3. Test, test, test

If your ads aren’t performing well, change it one variable at a time. Maybe the creative isn’t alluring enough, or maybe the call to action isn’t as clear as it should be. Even colours can make a difference to increasing the amount of clicks. If possible, split your budget multiple ways to run different ads to test these variables one at a time. Once you’ve discovered the winning combination of content, creative, and call-to-action, invest heavily in your ads!

4. Likes do not translate to sales

This is absolutely important to keep in mind before you select “Boost your posts” or “Promote your Page” in the ad creator. You can pour all of your money into getting likes for your Facebook Page, but the people that like your page won’t necessarily become customers right away or at all.