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How To Successfully Launch Your Website

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The following steps should be considered when launching your website: STEP 1: Test Your Website It is crucial that you go through each and every page, link, interaction and form on your website to assure that everything is working as it should. Test the   following: 1) Cross Browser Testing – check various web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera. 2) Link Testing – check all of the hyperlinks and navigational links are directing to the appropriate pages. 3) Form Testing – check all the contact forms can be submitted properly. 4) Interaction and Media Testing – check for any interactive elements such as dropdown menus, flash presentations, videos etc. Step 2: Proofread Your Content Content is one of the most important elements of any website. It helps a website rank in the search engines and it proves to visitors that your business is the best resource for what they are shopping for or researching. The fastest way to discredit your business is to have poorly written content on your website. Even the smallest grammar error could turn a visitor off so take the extra time and go through every single word, sentence and paragraph on your website before launching it. Step 3: User Testing The end user or your...

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Social Media Mistakes

Posted in Social Media

Businesses are integrating social media marketing campaigns into their marketing plans. The ones who truly understand the purpose of social media are reaping the rewards while those who are just following the herd are having trouble justifying their time and money spent on social media marketing. There are many common mistakes in social media, and the below are common mistakes: 1. Being a poor listener 2. Expecting results for doing nothing 3. Being self centred 4. Caring more about making a sale than making a connection 5. Not being transparent   Being A Poor Listener Whether you are brand new to social media or have been using it for a couple years now, the biggest mistake you can make is not listening to your prospects, your clients, your friends. Social media is all about online conversation. Use Twitter Search to find people in your industry that are using social media effectively and listen to them. You will learn more than you need to about how to interact and use social media by doing this one thing. Expecting Results For Doing Nothing If you’re posting something on Twitter or Facebook only once a month, or even once a week, and are expecting people to engage you, then don’t be surprised if your social media...

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What Are Group Buying Websites?

Posted in Brand Identity

Group buying websites leverage the power of collective bargaining to provide attractive local deals that offer significant savings for consumers while also promising lucrative sales numbers to participating merchants. Group buying websites have gained a lot of traction as they offer short term, daily deals that discount luxury items and everyday products all the way up to 50% off. Products and services offered tend to sell out within hours, thus making this a very attractive and affordable marketing solution for local businesses. Should you choose to participate in any of the group buying sites, take the following steps into consideration: STEP 1: Define Your Offer Before you spend any time contacting group buying sites it is imperative that you pinpoint what you’re offering down to its most important details. Many times businesses will put out offers that may seem like a fantastic deal since the cost is being deeply discounted, but once consumers are lured in it is not uncommon for these consumers to find that their offer was just the “cheese in the mousetrap” to spend up to two or three times as much as the offer advertised. STEP 2: Find the Best Group Buying Website for Your Area Now that you have chosen your promotion, the next...

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Press Release Benefits

Posted in Content Marketing

One of the best ways you can market your business online is with a Press Release, and they can be extremely effective when optimized correctly for news wires, readers and search engines. It is estimated that more than 2,000 press releases are distributed each day across the main online wire services. To optimise your press release so that it quickly gets noticed and so that it provides your website with the most value for search engine exposure and branding, follow the below steps: Step 1: Make It Newsworthy If your press release is not newsworthy, then please do not send it out. We get enough noise and interruption in our daily lives so if you are going to submit a press release, then make it something interesting, unique and newsworthy. Step 2: Use Keywords If your press release is just a couple of run on sentences with one specific key phrase repeated many times over, then we promise you that it will be a waste of your time and money. Step 3: Use Anchor Text Links One of the basic techniques with on page optimization for any type of web content is to use relevant anchor text links. Anchor text links offer value to your press release and the website you are...

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Understanding Inbound Links

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation

If you want your website to rank high in the search engines for its relevant key phrases, you need: 1) Quality Content 2) Quality Inbound Links Inbound links are links from pages on external sites linking back to your site, which can bring new users to your site. The criteria required for a high quality inbound link: 1) Relevancy The website / web page with the link is “relevant”, in topic / theme, to that of your website 2) Website Age The age of the website linking to you is as old as possible (2-3 years) 3) Web Page – PageRank Web Page PageRank is preferably above a PageRank of 2/3 4) Website – PageRank Overall Site PageRank is preferably above a PageRank of 2/3 5) Dilution There are less than 20-30 outbound links on the web page where your link is located 6) Anchor Text The proper anchor text is being used for the link (eg. “popular dog toys” instead of “click here”) 7) Dofollow The links are “dofollow” meaning the webmaster allows links on the website to pass “link juice” to other websites 8) Credibility Any external links are of high quality (ie. no links from pages with links to unrelated sites like Gambling, pharma, adult) 9) Link Location...

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