Avoiding Social Media Blunders

social media blunders, milkshake factorySocial media can be great for your small business, however when used inappropriately, social media can be quite dangerous potentially it can ruin reputations. Listed below are elements that can destroy reputations and tips to assist in getting out of the sticky situations:

1. Avoid Posting Irrelevant Comments

An irrelevant post is anything that lacks your unique personality or simply does not interest your target audience. Giving a fresh perspective on an old topic, possibly incorporate humor with every post.

2. Disrespecting Others

Social media is not the place to work out your problems with people. Unfortunately, the higher you climb in social media, the more people will want to throw stones at you. Address the issue privately, dont delete the comment, simply post that the issue will be resolved offline.

3. Not Replying To Comments

Actively monitoring comments and questions on every post can be time consuming, but even posting one follow-up comment per post can show you care and that you’re engaged.

4. Failing To Promote Others

When it comes to building your business and developing a powerful network, you’ll want to develop a reputation as someone who highlights others. Not only does this give credit where credit is due, it also communicates that you’re secure with your success and have the ability to promote others in your industry.

Some effective ways to highlight others:

  • When someone gives you a great piece of advice, post it on Facebook or Twitter and tag that person.
  • Utilize the Endorsements feature on LinkedIn and begin endorsing people within your network.

5. Being Tagged In Questionable Photos

As funny as some photos can be, think twice about allowing yourself to be tagged in questionable photos. As a business owner, be mindful of how you want to be perceived publicly. Untag or delete yourself from any inappropriate photos.

As long as you’re consistently infusing your unique style and communicating with the same class that you would in public, you’ll do just fine.

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