Blogging Essentials

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1. URL Text

Your SEO improves when your URL contains specific search terms, instead of a jumble of characters or numbers. You can change your URL format in the settings of your blog.

2. Title Tags

Titles of your pages not just the H1 tags, need to be catchy and need to contain keywords also.

3. Sub-header Tags

Subheadings such as H2 and H3 help users navigate your page, and they help search engines see what is important.

4. Meta Description

The meta description is for a description, not for keyword stuffing! You should also pay attention to the description for social media reasons. When a link is shown in Facebook, the title, an image, and the meta description will be shown.

4. Images and Multimedia

Include images and multimedia engage users once they are on your page and it also helps your SEO. Name your images with applicable keywords so that they can count toward your page’s ranking, as well as ranking in Google image search.

5. Description Tags on Multimedia

Once you add multimedia, make sure you add descriptions! Alt tags are important for SEO and search engines to be able to understand the content of the image or video. Plus they create more opportunities for you to capitalize on your keywords without keyword stuffing and/or using redundant language.

These basic blogging tips could prove useful to your blog. If your looking to improve your website or blog, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.