Boost Consumer Engagement

consumer engagementIf you’re struggling to put an end to low rates of consumer engagement and to bring your website’s performance in-line with your expectations, consider the following consumer engagement ideas:

1. Post On Topics Your Audience Are Interested In

Try to keep your posts informative to what your audience is seeking to find. Head over to Google Analytics to see which post topics on your site are being accessed most frequently. Extrapolate the subjects that are most likely to be interesting to your audience based on commonalities shared between your site’s top posts. Keep an eye on the social profiles of industry leaders in your niche and see what types of content they’re sharing. If you see common themes, these could provide the basis for more interesting website articles for your site.

2. Casual Writing Style

Put your focus on communicating with readers using a casual writing style, and you’ll almost certainly see a marked increase in your overall engagement rates. As a general rule, website visitors have pretty short attention spans, and they’re quite averse to things they perceive as being more work than they’re worth. So, if they land on your site and immediately determine that it’s going to require all of their focus just to make sense of your un-ending blocks of text, you can bet they’ll navigating away from your site before even giving your content a chance.

To prevent this from occurring, you simply must format your posts for readability:

  • Stick to no more than two to four sentences in a paragraph.
  • Use section headers to give readers a map to your content.
  • Break content into bullet or numerical lists.

3. Keep Posts Short

Realistically, we’re all busy people. In the limited time we have to sit down and scan Web articles, plowing through a masterpiece-length blog post might simply not be in the cards. Instead, focus on creating simple, easy-to-read posts that engage readers and provide them with a few pieces of memorable takeaway advice.

4. Improve Page Load Times

Want a simple and easy way to keep website visitors engaged on your pages? Don’t make them wait too long for your content to load! To uncover ways to improve your website’s speed, log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and navigate to the “Site Performance” link under the “Labs” heading.

5. Post Recommendations

While there are some circumstances in which high engagement might be measured by average time on a single page, users who investigate other areas of your site tend to be more engaged with your content than those who visit one page and stay there.

At the end of the day, don’t panic if you encounter low-engagement rates on your website. Instead, experiment with the different ideas described above in order to uncover the source of your low connection rates and to improve the affinity people feel for your website.

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