Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Google Adwords

Google Adwords,
  1. Directing your Google advertisement back to the home page of your website.  When I am searching for a “freelancer Australia video production,” I want to be sent directly to the video production page. Sending me to your home page says that you think I have the time and patience to search your website for the information I want.  If I don’t see the relevant information right away I am gone — back to Google to see where else I can find the information (most likely your competition).
  2. Accept all the suggested words Google Adwords Keyword Generator spits out. You want to avoid just taking the whole list, which will have a lot of generic and irrelevant terms.
  3. Not using negative keywordsin your Adwords campaign.  Google Adwords allows you to set negative keywords to avoid unwanted impressions and clicks.  If I am a window manufacturer I might want to use “software,” “XP” or “operating system” as negative keywords.  This filters them out because I don’t want people looking for windows software to see my Adwords.
  4. Not localising Google Adwords campaign. Google Adwords allows you to set up specific ads to only show to searchers within a specified area around your postal code. Google Adwords uses the searcher’s IP address to determine where the search is.  This works best for more generic terms.
  5. Fail to test Google Adwords.  Google Adwords allows you to track and monitor your Google Adwords campaigns.  I can A/B test different ads to ultimately get the Google Adwords advertisement that best converts traffic.  Google Adwords allows me to track every aspect of my campaign so over time to constantly make small adjustments to fine tune my campaigns.

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