Common Startup Mistakes To Avoid

common mistakes startupsStartups face a unique challenge in getting their businesses off the ground. Owners are focused on one element of the business why other elements suffer. Under great pressure to succeed, marketing activities generally tend to dive. These common mistakes listed should be avoided in startups:

Common Mistake 1: Lack Of Planning

Planning and allocation of adequate resources over a sustained period of time to your marketing efforts is vital to the success of your startup. Failing to plan your initiatives would result in bursts of random marketing activities such as a display ad for a week, a blog article another week and email marketing some other time. This kind of activity may not create any impression on your customers and in the worst case, confuse them about the seriousness of your business commitments.

Common Mistake 2: Lack Of Strategy

Sure you want to increase sales but unless you have answered some basic questions about what you are offering, to whom and why should they buy your product, no amount of marketing effort can help.

Common Mistake 3: Too Much Reliance On A Single Channel

There is no single channel that can serve all your marketing needs. Relying entirely on Adwords and Display Ads with no regard for overall improvement in SEO ranking may product short terms clicks to your website but will not result in long lasting brand creation.

Common Mistake 4: Lack Of Measurement

You need to incorporate a clear measurement system as you execute your marketing plans. A fair clarity on intermediate milestones in your longer term marketing journey is important. For example, if you want to improve your Pagerank from 1 to 5, it will not happen overnight. At the same time, you cannot continue to invest in marketing efforts till you reach 5. You need to continuously evaluate the results of your SEO execution by activity, by level of Pagerank improvement. If that is not achieved, you need to do a root cause analysis – were your expectations unrealistic, is there something wrong in the messaging, is the marketing channel selection not appreciate for the objective and so on.

What Next

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