Writing Compelling Content

writing compelling contentIn case you hadn’t already noticed, 2013 is all about content marketing. Google’s ever-evolving ranking algorithm has finally come of age and is sophisticated enough to be able to rank sites based on the quality and relevance of their content.

The days of keyword stuffing, or writing meaningless content that would only impress search engines, are now a distant memory. Producing great content that engages your visitors is well and truly in. Remember content is king.

Content marketing drives trust in a brand and creates a connection. Having trust and feeling connected to a brand makes a customer more receptive to any subsequent marketing messages, making them more likely to react positively.

An ineffective content approach might see the customer encounter the business with the following message:

We sell widgets > They are awesome widgets > Buy our widgets today!

A content-focused approach might see the customer encounter the business with the following message:

Here is a lot of helpful information on widgets >  We know a lot about widgets > We understand why you want to buy widgets > We sell brilliant widgets that fit your needs

The second content-focused approach will ultimately convert more customers and builds trust more successfully.

How good is your content?

To understand the quality of your content you will need to appraise your existing content.  The following questions will help you understand the most important considerations.

  1. How useful is your existing content – are you giving your customers the information they are looking for?
  2. Does your content tell a potential new customer everything they need to know in order to make an informed decision?
  3. Is your content all sales focused and full of blatant marketing?
  4. Are benefits clearly laid out and are they compelling enough?
  5. Is the content interesting enough to warrant return visits, bookmarking or sharing?
  6. Is your content sticky enough to capture and hold peoples attention, increasing their dwell time?
  7. Is all of your content professionally written?
  8. Is your content on-brand?

The bottom line is, focusing on the quality of your content will help convert more customers.

What Next

At Milkshake-factory, we are on a mission to make your small business marketing hassle free. You will find a lot of articles on our blog that can help you gain insight in the world of digital marketing. We hope these are going to be useful to you and we also look forward to your feedback on what else would you like to learn to help you to grow your small business. Consider hiring Milkshake-factory, complete marketing solutions, for all your marketing needs, contact us for a FREE consultation.