Considering Creating A Facebook Page?

The reasons for building out your small business Facebook page will depend on your goals and how you will measure your results. Below are 5 tips to measure your performance:

Tip 1. Week-over-week percentage of change

It’s useful for you, as the small business owner, to track the percentage of change. This will provide great insights to what type of content is working for you.

week on week facebook change

Tip 2. Percentage of fan total growth

By simply tracking the percentage of new likes against lifetime likes, you can determine your fan base’s average rate of increase or decrease over time.

Tip 3. Percentage of active fans against percentage of hidden fans

To develop your own tracking dashboard, simply look at the following comparisons:

  • Percentage of increase or decrease of active fans against the previous week
  • Percentage of increase or decrease of hidden fans against the previous week
  • The number of active fans against the number of total fans, and
  • The number of hidden fans against the number of total fans.

By establishing these baselines, you can begin to track the average percentage of activity versus hidden content among your fan base.

percentage change facebook fans

Tip 4. Fan base geo-location

Facebook Insights provides you with a breakdown of the raw number of fans added based on the top 10 countries and cities they come from and the language they speak. These numbers can be positioned as weekly percentage increases or decreases as well.

Tip 5. Likes, comments and wall posts scorecards

Another approach worth testing is the amount of time it takes a fan to produce one of the various forms of activity on your Facebook fan page. By assigning a numeric value where the lowest number is applied to the activity that takes the least time, you can develop a scorecard total that will give you an apples-to-apples comparison.

Here are some examples:

  • Likes on wall posts  (least amount of time committed by a fan) = 1 point
  • Comments on wall posts (moderate amount of time committed by a fan) = 3 points
  • Fan posts on your wall (greatest amount of time committed by a fan) = 5 points

Every week, you can count the total number of occurrences of each content type and tabulate the total score. This enables  you to track the increases or decreases of the scores over time.

Next Steps

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