Content Marketing: Creating Unique & Quality Content

In the world of SEO there are 3 types of content sets that a website should have:

1. Brand Content Methodology

This is content establishes what you can offer. These pages usually consist of the “about us” and “contact us” page and sometimes the “home page” can be grouped into this section as well. These pages consist of all the “me talk” a website does about itself.

2. Marketing Content Methodology

The marketing content consists of your offerings; products, services, etc.. These pages are all about the conversion, and in most cases lack little informational value that is above and beyond what other websites can offer.

3. Informational or Educational Content Methodology

The Informational or Educational Content Methodology content holds the most value for driving incremental traffic, positioning your brand as a thought leader, and earning your site the title of being a resource within your niche. These content sets are found in a blog format and can include articles, infographics, videos or whitepapers.

All content needs to be unique, of quality, and of value to the reader.

Unique Content

When the search engines advised that they started penalising or filtering sites for having duplicate content, SEOs started focusing on the methodology of unique content.

Quality Content

Not only does content need to be unique it also needs to be of quality to the reader. This included grammatical fixes, content structure, keywords, and a general sense of overall trust that the content was accurate.

Valuable Content

Along with being unique and having a high quality rating, content also has to be valuable. In a world where earned media drives the highest conversions, ignoring the “value content methodology” will inhibit building a strong inbound marketing campaign or social community.

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