Content Marketing Has Come A Long Way

cola can comes a long way, content marketingConsumers search for information nearly 18 billion times each month, but click away from a search page 85% of the time. Small businesses need to address their customers information needs at their consideration stage.

When consumers find information they like or find useful, they share it 36 billion times through social networks. Small businesses must produce content not just about their own products, but about the things their customers want to know in brand-adjacent spaces.

Consumers don’t want to read about a can of cola. It’s why cola makers have sponsored sports, music, and entertainment events for decades. In the early years, brands produced the entertainment content they sponsored. In the decades since, brands have ceded the content creation space to media companies, buying advertising opportunities adjacent to brand and audience-aligned content.

These days, in order for small businesses to reach consumers through natural search and social engagement, small businesses are returning to the role of content creator. Instead of trying to engage consumers with updates about new types of cans and new flavors of soft drink, the soda manufacturer can publish music content to their social space, building strong affinity between that music and their brand. Depending on the brand, that content might be sports, news, entertainment updates, skincare advice, or investment information.

Small businesses should always be tracking content performance and delivers detailed analytics about what content types, topics, writers, and individual content items perform best. Analyse both search and social performance, and identify what content is most sought by your consumers and what they most want to share.

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