Content Marketing Ideas

content marketing ideasFinding more content marketing ideas can be challenging. You can imagine that there are countless content marketing ideas online. Swimming through this ocean of information without a clear direction will drive you mad. Therefore, it’s more effective to be very selective with what you choose for your topics. Below are tips to help you develop ideas for your content marketing:

Target Audience

Identify who it is you are writing for. What are their needs, frustrations or goals? Ask them. Find the answers and turn them into useful content. What excites them most? Ask questions at the end of each post you write. Use their answers/needs as a starting point for new pieces of content.


Use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Tool to find out popular search terms. Set up new Google Alerts using keywords from your niche, choose a frequency and you will have fresh content in your inbox regularly. Also, visit popular forums such as Warrior Forum, Sphinn, High Rankings, Digital Point or Better Networker to see active discussions and questions & answers sections about everything.


Visit your Facebook News Feed and see what your fans & friends are talking about. What are their questions? Facebook Syndication Groups can be private or open, these are created for small groups of entrepreneurs who share each other’s content. Also visit Facebook Groups, visit a few groups from your niche, and observe the discussion.


Take a look at your most popular tweets/retweets, do a more detailed research about those topics and write new posts based on them.


If you want to be creative and productive, read. A lot. Visit new blogs daily and connect with their owners. Always take the time to read the comments from your blog and other as well. Use Google Blogs to find new blogs from your niche with quality content.

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