Directors & Executives Need To Use Social Media

Executives Using Social Media, milkshake-factory.comWe all know that many executives are time poor and under pressure, however these executives need to get involved with social media. Some executives are lucky enough to  have entire departments to implement a social media strategy for their companies.

But if they were to have a little change of mindset and view tweeting and engaging with other digital channels less as a pastime, and more as a pretty convenient leadership tool, they might see that an executive tweet can deliver a valuable – and measureable – return on their personal investment.

Leading from the front

Social media isn’t just for independent marketing teams; it can drive customer retention through customer service, product development, and, ultimately, build relationships with customers that lead to sales. To be at its most effective, it needs to be part of the DNA of a business, with everyone clear about how the company uses social media and what each department’s objective in using it is. An engaged CEO can drive confidence throughout the company by leading from the front.

Promoting the brand

Most CEOs seem to leave projecting or promoting the brand and image of their company to the marketing department. But in a world where customers are demanding more and more transparency, executives shouldn’t be wrapped in mystery when being heard is as easy as posting a 140 character tweet? Virgin boss Richard Branson tweets, has a blog, Facebook and Google+ accounts and he does it because it sends a clear message about his company. “Virgin as a brand is naturally conversational. We like to chat with our customers to see how things are going and what we can do better. So for us, using social media feels very natural,” he recently told Mashable.

Taking control of communications

Whether CEOs like it or not, their customers and employees – both current and potential – are on social media. It’s where they hang out and it’s how they communicate. Being proactive on social media means a CEO lead the conversation, show themselves to be an expert by sharing knowledge and experience, and even display a human side by commenting on other conversations.

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