Do Keywords Still Play A Part In SEO For Small Business?

Do keywords still play a part in SEO for small businessKeywords are still an important part of the overall strategy and should not be ignored but it would seem that social actions have overtaken them in ranking importance. Keywords are most effective when used in backlinks and when used in the URL but although using keywords in headings and titles are still important it would seem that they no longer hold the weight they once did.

Google’s social analytics tool can be helpful when it comes to tracking what content is proving to be most popular with your users. It can also help indicate which buttons are most frequently used and which are not, allowing you to remove unnecessary buttons that serve only to clutter up your site. They can also help you to gauge your level of conversions which will aid in understanding the impact that social actions are having on your business.

An SEO strategy these days has to factor in so many elements of the digital Industry that it’s virtually impossible to manage every aspect that can affect your ranking but focusing on social media and the social actions that come as a result of this will do you no harm. Develop content that you know will appeal to your audience and will entice your users to share it with others. Content and blogging in particular can increase your web traffic by 55% but any type of content, whether it’s videos, webinars or competitions will have impact.

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