Effective Placement Of A Call To Action

When writing a blog, a social media post, or even a new web page, you’re probably thinking to yourself where on earth do I need to place my call to action. You’ve probably heard or thought to yourself that placing a call to action “above the fold” that is in the top portion of the screen, visible to all when the page loads, performs better than the content below the fold. Everybody knows that, right? Yes, but it’s not entirely true.

What many would consider a textbook school of thought is to position a call-to-action high on the page, above the fold, may sometimes deliver substantially better results if placed lower down the page or after additional information to motivate a click has appeared first.

These days, people visiting your website or reading your blog or social media posts are well-versed in scanning through your content. They are extremely tolerant of supporting information like comparison charts, videos and testimonials. And so it really doesn’t matter where the final call-to-action sits, as long as the right amount of supporting information can be accessed easily and quickly to enable a decision to be made.

Of course, your call-to-action needs to be visible, distinctive and worded to elicit action, but never assume there’s only one best place for it to live. You need to be testing where your call to action sits best. So have some fun, think differently and explore some alternatives. With a little intelligent testing and creativity you could open up a whole new world of engagement in our scroll-happy world!

What Next

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