Email Fundamentals

Several companies are likely to increase their email budget by more than 30% in 2012. However, most companies are still struggling with the same fundamental tactics of email, such as list building, content, integration, and design.

Don’t increase your email budgets without a clear focus on what needs to improve and what doesn’t. Take the time to focus on the fundamentals:



  1. Create content based on data. Creating relevant content can be a challenge for email marketers. Constantly collect data about your audience in order to make content as relevant as can be. Find out what your audience wants to hear by asking in a survey or preference center.
  2. Segmentation Gives You an Edge on the Competition. Start focusing on perfecting your segmentation now!
  3. Design for mobile, period. Approximately 58% of email marketers are not designing emails to render properly on smartphones. Smartphones are becoming more popular, so why wouldn’t you be designing emails with this in mind?

It’s these basic concepts that make your email marketing program exceptional.