Facebook Can Determine If You’re Machine

Facebook, API, Machine, Milkshake-factory.comFacebook know that the API tools are designed to make things easier and often impersonal. Granted, there are many people who use tools such as Hootsuite as a consolidated place to see all of their social interactions and are applying the tools in a completely organic and personalized manner, but unfortunately there are plenty of people and businesses who use these tools to streamline the effort and make Facebook less personal.

The only way Facebook can know that something posted is personal is if it’s posted through their native software. As a result, they give higher placement to manual posts. Test it. Post an image or link to your page with a tool and then follow it up immediately with a post through Facebook.com. The next day at the same time, reverse it by posting through Facebook.com then posting through the tool. In both cases, the post through Facebook will get a much higher reach.

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