Five Items To SEO Under Penguin

Google Penguin, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Milkshake-factory.comIn April, 2012, Google began rolling out major changes to their search algorithm. The update, known as “Penguin”, had dramatic effects on many of the searches that people do on a regular basis. Some websites moved up if they had quality SEO practices being employed on their sites. As a result, others moved down. How did your website rank?

1. Volume

More is not better, the right amount is better. Content, links and social sides must be natural and human without seeming manufactured.

2. Links

You get more with a single inbound quality link than multiple low quality links, anchor text must be varied, keyword hunting can have the exact opposite effect.

3. Content

Write for visitors, provide value, as Google can tell if the sole purpose is for ranking.

4. Structure

Site maps, internal linking, title tags, microformats are key to effective SEO

5. Sharing

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