Five Tips To Make Your Website More Customer-Focused

The whole process of designing a site and plotting a marketing strategy to drive traffic to it can be difficult. The following are some tips on how to make visitors to your site feel as though they’ve come to the right place.

1. Know Your Customer

In order to make web design effective, you need to know who you’re designing for and what they want to do on your website. It’s also important to understand a customer’s motivations for visiting your site in the first place.

2. Structure

The structure of a site or the page layers and the simplicity with which a user can navigate through them – plays an important role in how user-friendly the site is. It’s important to know what customers expect. The simplest way of finding out how is simply to ask them.

3. Address Customers

A simple way to make your site more customer-oriented is to phrase all of the content – from writing through to video, so that it  addresses the visitor directly, in the first person. Instead of writing about your business’s goals, products and achievements in the third person, phrase your content as though talking to a single friend, using personal pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘we’. This makes your message seem more personal, and readers will be more receptive to it therefore.

4. What Are The Benefits

Rather than phrasing the content to talk about the specifications of a product or the quality of a service, use it to illustrate how it will benefit the customer. Don’t limit the beneficial detail to product landing pages. The customer needs to know how your business is likely to solve their problems as soon as they land on the homepage. Anything from the business’s name or slogan through to welcoming copy can be used to appeal to the their desires and expectations.

5. Don’t Brag

Use a testimonials page to brag about you accomplishments rather than splashing your accomplishments over the entire website. Provided the positive comments are genuine and you can back their claims up by replicating the service they refer to, testimonials are a clever way to blow your own horn online.

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