Getting The Most Out Of Twitter

Getting The Most Out Of Twitter, milkshake-factory

There are many ways you can greatly enhance the value of your Twitter search results. Below are examples in how to get the most out of your Twitter account:

“Quotation Marks”

Placing quotation marks around your search returns results containing the exact phrase within. For example, “small business ideas” will yield results containing the exact term “small business ideas”.


Using the word OR between search terms produces results containing your first search term, or your second search term, or both. For example, complete marketing OR marketing solutions, will yield results containing the words complete marketing OR marketing solutions OR complete marketing solutions.

Dash (-)

A search term with a dash that you do not want to show up in your results. For example, milkshake –factory, will yield results for the word ‘milkshake’, but not ‘factory’. Use the dash to eliminate commonly associated words from any searches to really focus results.


Use this search operator following your desired keywords to limit results to those generated by people in the specified location. For example, social media marketing near:“Melbourne”, will yield results for social media marketing from users in Melbourne. As you know, Twitter is a pretty massive social media network, which means people are tweeting about all sorts of different things, from all sorts of different places. While this is amazing for a multitude of reasons, when you’re looking to find the most relevant information, connect with people who are geographically close to you, or monitor conversations on a business in a local area, the ‘near’ operator is amazing for filtering your search results. You can narrow your results by country, city or town.

Question Mark?

A question mark following your search term will show tweets that ask a question. For example, marketing consultancy ?, will yield questions that contain the search term ‘marketing consultancy’.

Save Searches

If you find yourself repeatedly searching the same terms, Twitter allows you to save up to 6 searches for quick access. Saved searches can be unsaved to accommodate a new saved search.

Search Streams

Popular Twitter clients, HootSuite and TweetDeck, allow you to setup dedicated streams with search results where you can actively communicate with your followers.

Given the sheer number of people on the Twitter platform, connecting with others can be overwhelming and intimidating. An easy way to engage with people on Twitter is to conduct a search for questions people have that fall within your area of expertise and answer them.

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