Getting Your Corporate Identity Right

Milkshake-factory provides you with the below are tips to get your corporate identity right:

  1. Be clear in defining your business, image and tone
  2. Engage your target market with the same image and tone
  3. Have all your marketing material such as website, photos, flyers looking and sounding consistent
  4. How do you stand out from the rest, what are your unique benefits?
  5. Multiple brand names makes it harder to raise awareness for each brand
  6. Marketing mix, packing visual striking through design, colour or shape and communicating
  7. Craft your way around why you started your business
  8. Use templates of the same colour scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout
  9. How you treat you’re your staff is as important as how you treat customers when it comes to building a reputation
  10. Your staff is one of your most important marketing tools. Make sure their communication with customers conveys your brand message and represents your values
  11. Go back to your core promise and use this to evaluate a new product or service fit
  12. Ensure your database is up to scratch, and if you don’t have one look into Sugar CRM, Zohocrm, Capsule CRM, Work Etc, Highrise, or pipejump.
  13. Follow up with your customers enquires
  14. Use survey monkey to identify more information about your customers
  15. Use google analytics to track and evaluate your marketing tactics
  16. Testimonials are the most powerful marketing tool
  17. Think about supporting local charities and take on environmentally friendly initiative and let your customers know you are committed in making a difference.
  18. Do you have any social media efforts? Don’t just use Facebook and Twitter but also think about Foursquare, YouTube, popular blogs and online business hubs. Include a social media call to action in every newsletter.
  19. Do you have a social media policy? Make sure all your online communication reflect your brand and image putting something inappropriate online is the fastest way to damage your brand.
  20. Look into PR News Wire to upload press releases you have written
  21. Use twitter as a source of material to attract journalists
  22. Create a compelling story about how your company was founded
  23. Use source bottle to help you jump on top of short term media opportunities

Let us know whether you have used any of these key ideas in getting your corporate identity right. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact complete marketing solutions for a FREE no obligation quote.