Getting Your SEO Right

Getting SEO Right, milkshake-factory.comGet SEO right and avoiding Google penalties requires a full understanding of SEO. Below are key elements provided by the Night Owl SEO experts to better understand SEO:
  • Determine your medium term digital strategy
  • Increasing customer rankings and conversions
  • Managing search engine penalties and algorithm changes
  • Analyzing on-page factors to make sure every area of the site optimized
  • Providing direction to content creator to improve the site’s content quality
  • Working closely with the team’s data/analytics person to focus on enhancing areas of high traffic and improving areas of low traffic
  • Launching on-site split tests to measure improvements in conversion rates based on website changes
  • Working with developers to be sure the site’s backend is optimized (including making improvements to load times, adding “rel=” tags and rich snippets, etc.)
  • Carrying out effective internal linking campaigns
  • Making improvements to the website’s overall structure (typically only an issue on large site SEO)

Link Builders

The process of building inbound links to your company’s website is a hugely important SEO priority, but when handled inappropriately, the use of devalued or low quality link building techniques by inexperienced workers can lead to search engine penalties.

Here’s what to look for in your next link building hire:

  • Knowledgeable about competitive analysis techniques (that is, the ability to identify link sources based on competitors’ backlink profiles)
  • Able to effectively acquire white hat links using currently established best practices
  • Skilled in scaling up link building campaigns to match SEO needs and website circumstances

Content Creator

Content is king. Your content needs to be both informative and persuasive.

Data/Analytics Processing

SEO requires getting your keyword and market research right to ensure campaign success. Be sure to monitor web analytics to draw campaign effectiveness, and run A/B testings to improve conversion rates.

Social Media

Given how much of an impact social media presence has on a website’s SEO, ensure to manage a company’s social networking profiles.

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