Grow Your Small Business Using LinkedIn

Grow Your Small Business Using LinkedInUnderstanding a few simple strategies on LinkedIn, you can make your business become a smarter and more effective business which can really boost your results over time.

Strategy 1: Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should not be static, you will need to update this regularly. Keep your profile fresh, relevant and interesting. Each time you update your profile, the update is shared to your network as long as you have the feature enabled in your settings. Keep your LinkedIn profile image current and update your headline with relevant keywords and phrases. If you update your primary profile headline every few months, you will find that your profile views will jump. Keep an eye on the number of times your profile has been viewed, as well as how many times you appear in LinkedIn searches.

Review your profile stats frequently from the sidebar of your homepage. The more people who view your profile, the more likely a percentage of those visitors will click through to your website or blog and learn more about you!

Strategy 2: Build A Wide Network

One of the best ways to get found on LinkedIn is to build up your network of connections. LinkedIn does value both the depth and breadth of a member’s network, especially when showcasing search results. Every new connection you make is an opportunity to enhance your visibility. Connect with clients, prospects, partners, vendors, colleagues, community leaders, fellow alumni and anyone you meet face to face at networking events or conferences. A simple and effective way to build your connections is to invite other group members to connect with you. LinkedIn allows you to send invitations to connect with other members within the group. Connect with mutual LinkedIn group members who share common interests.

Strategy 3: Participate In Groups

LinkedIn Groups still present a great opportunity to develop rapport with the members of your target markets and industry peers. There are over 1 million groups on LinkedIn and many of them are both active and well-managed. Recently LinkedIn reduced the automated weekly emails that highlight discussions from all of the groups you belong to but are not active in. In order to stay current with your groups, you are going to need to proactively visit them and participate in  discussions.

Strategy 4: Leverage On Endorsements

LinkedIn recently reported that over 200 million endorsements had been given by members since the launch of this feature! Therefore, you should consider taking advantage of endorsements to boost your visibility and credibility. Anytime you give or receive an endorsement, it will show up in the LinkedIn news feed for your network, which means more visibility.

Strategy 5: Be Consistent

If you have a great LinkedIn profile and lots of connections, it’s not going to do you much good unless you become more active on the network. You can’t position yourself as a go-to resource unless you are visible, valuable and timely with your participation on LinkedIn. Take advantage of this real estate and post a status update to your profile once or twice daily. Head to LinkedIn Today for trending news topics and comment on insights from well-known thought leaders.

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