How Can My Business Benefit From Using A QR Code

qrcode, qr code campaigns, qr code useQR Codes have taken off globally and are still gaining awareness in Australia. The black and white graphical barcode allows marketers to pass on additional information including text, images, and HTML pages  to anyone with a QR code reader. QR code readers are available on any smart phone as a downloaded app. Melbourne Marketers are getting the most of the QR code campaigns and these include:



  1. Add your QR code to your Twitter profile picture.
  2. Add your QR code to your Facebook Timeline cover photo
  3. Add your QR code on the background of your Youtube channel
  4. Add your QR codeOn your printed business cards
  5. Add your QR code on your company’s printed marketing materials
  6. Add your QR code on product labels
  7. Add your QR code on your tradeshow displays
  8. Add your QR code on your shirt or jacket, or pants or other item of clothing.
  9. Add your QR code to your email newsletter list
  10. Add your QR code to your LinkedIn profile
  11. Add your QR code on a billboard
  12. Add your QR code on your physical mailing packaging

Keep in mind that these recommendations only scratch the surface in terms of the use of QR codes in marketing campaigns. If this all sounds too complicated, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.