How Do I Get Incoming Links To My Website

what is link building?, milkshake-factory.comThe primary focus is to increase the number of incoming links to your website.

Link building is part of search engine optimisation which is a process that helps your website get found by the search engines. Link building is a large part of search engine optimization and is a very important part. The links that you build to your website tell the search engines what the page is going to be about. Each link can also be counted as a vote in favor of your website.

Links allow search engine bots to travel from one page to the other examining the Internet and recording what they find. If you don’t have any links going to your page then this will make it difficult for the search engine bots to crawl your webpages. If you have a good amount of links leading to your page then you have more chance of being crawled.

Google and the other search engines use this as a barometer to measure the importance and value of our content. As time goes by, and we start to accumulate more and more quality incoming links we’ll see a direct correlation to the rise in the amount of traffic coming to our sites from Google as well as the other search engines. This will result in improvements in search engine rankings.

Tools To Track Incoming Links

There are many tools we can use to track our incoming links and we can even track links to other websites.

1. WordPress Dashboard

Using WordPress should be your first option in searching for incoming links. Head to you WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the “screen options” and check “incoming links.” Then scroll down to “Incoming Links” within the Dashboard section. Here you will see the various links linking to your website.

2. Technorati

Establish an account with Technorati if you dont have one already. Build your profile and add your blog to your account. Once your blog has been approved you can see all the incoming links to your blog or website.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

Use Google Webmaster Tools to help you track all your links to your website in greater detail. Navigate to “Traffic” and then “Links To Your Site.”

Building Quality Incoming Links To Your Website

When you are building your back linking plan, take the following into consideration:
  • Keywords to target for your niche and each page you plan to create.
  • Identify who your target visitors will be.
  • Identify where your target visitors are hanging out and make a list.
  • Make a list of your 10 closest competitors and research where they get their back links from.
  • Priority of Pages to link to, main landing pages
  • Creating an internal linking structure. Where, when, how.
  • Show a list of site suitable websites for guest posting
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