How Do I Get More Likes On Facebook?

Facebook, Timeline, IT Project Management, Marketing StrategyEstablish what it is you want to achieve on Facebook before you start a Facebook page. The following is a series of points to consider for businesses wanting to increase their reach on Facebook.

1. Content and Purpose

Content helps to show what your business does. Sharing relevant, informative, useful information such as links to videos, articles, and blog posts, is important to your audience engaged.  is effectively what Facebook, and most social media, is all about. 80% of all content on your page should be targeted at the customer and their interests. This is what will convince them to click ‘like’ in the first place, and to stay a fan. The other 20% can safely be used for sales-focused updates about products and services. This 80/20 ratio not only keeps visitors interested in your page and its updates, but also makes them more receptive to the sales posts when they do come around.

2. Relevance and Interest

The key to attracting more likes, and to keeping the attention of existing fans, is to use the non-sales content to reinforce how your followers view themselves in relation to your business.

3. Timeline

Posts are displayed as branches on a timeline, with the most recent appearing at the top of the page. This allows businesses to pin their most relevant content to the top of the page.

4. Engagement

Although the number of ‘likes’ on a page is important, it’s the engagement it drives that’s the true measure of its success. Facebook analytics reveals ‘People Talking About This’. It shows how many people are engaging with the content you post, and measures this by counting the times its been re-shared or acknowledged with a comment, direct mention, or ‘like’.

5. Incentives and competitions

Get involved with Facebook competitions. It’s important to check out Facebook’s contest regulations, because they’ve got a number of guidelines around how competitions can and can’t be run.

6. Facebook Ads

Another straightforward method of building momentum is to use Facebook Ads. The ads work in a similar way to Google’s AdWords service; they’re priced on a pay-per-click basis that businesses bid for, and can be targeted according to Facebook users’ demographics. The more specific the demographic, the more targeted, and therefore expensive, the ad.


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