How Do I Improve My Landing Page Conversions

landing pageThe aim of a having a landing page is to get potential customers to your site. But you wouldn’t have a landing page if you didnt want to make any conversions. And if your site isnt converting, below are some tips to help you get more conversions.

1. Split Testing

Split testing is a great way to determine what is working for your landing page, as you will make decisions based on the data these tests provide. Split testing refers to the process of running different landing page options against each other in order to improve the effectiveness of a page. For example, using an A/B split testing script, you could create two separate versions of your landing page with different headlines and have them served up to different visitors randomly. The headline that resulted in the most conversions would be determined the winner, allowing you to make page improvements based on data – not assumptions. Understand how people are looking at and clicking on things on your website. Test two different versions of a page at once with split testing and get concrete answers on what works and what doesn’t. A/B split testing refers to tests that pit one variable against an alternative , for example, testing colours on the landing page headline, a call to action text, image placement and other variables, and can be easily implemented using the Google Website Optimizer program. Alternatively, multivariate split testing checks combinations of different variables against each other.

2. Building On Trust

There are may ways to build trust and engage users The appearance of your landing page does matter, fortunately there are inexpensive WordPress themes you can browse through. Also, when potential customers are thinking about a purchase, they want to know as much as possible about the product or service you are offering on your landing page. Sharing information about you and your company, especially details about your authority in your chosen niche, will help to build a personal connection between you and the potential customer.

3. Test Functionality

Test all facets of your landing page, including the contact us form and the order forms. There are a number of things you should look out for and these could be: payment processor glitches, WordPress plugin updates and website hacking attempts.

4. Offer A Guarantee Or Return Policy

Offering some type of trial period or money-back guarantee removes one of the major hurdles many people have to purchasing products online.

5. Improve Your Headlines

You only have a few seconds to capture a web visitors attention. Since you only have a few seconds on average to capture a web visitor’s attention, drafting a strong headline for your landing page is crucial.

6. Focus On Your Visitor

Take some time to look at your landing page from your potential customer’s perspective. Is the message immediately apparent how the product will help them? Are you conveying these points in a way that makes them viscerally feel how the product will improve their lives? What can you do to improve this? Identify what your unique selling proposition is and put this in place.

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