How Do I Increase Conversion Rates?

how do I increase conversion rates,, Google Conversion Rates


Whether your small business is selling software, inventory, or a newsletter subscription, improving your conversion rate is the only guaranteed way to make more sales. Below are some recommendations to help you increase your conversion rates.

1. Certifications

Show that you are certified, as accreditation does matters. Show icons such as PayPal, Google Places, Yelp, or Yellow Pages listings.

2. Policies

Create a privacy policy and a set of terms and conditions, this needs to show your customers that their concerns are valid and you respect them and their data.

3. Finer details

Pay attention to the content posted, and look for broken links, misspellings, and sloppiness.

4. About Us

What made you go into this business? Why is it worth it? Who are you, anyway? When people visit your “About” page, that’s what they want to know, dont be vague. Include a picture of yourself, and relevant employees.

5. Contact Us Information

The more ways people can contact you, the better. Forms are great but also include an email address and phone number.

6. Share Information

Blogs are great for establishing expertise, because they are a way to show people you know what you are talking about. Tutorials, whitepapers, and videos all help people understand who you are and what you are trying to teach.

7. Give Free Stuff

Freebies are great! Let people see and feel the quality that you will deliver if they paid for it. Free demos, trial versions, samples. Some of your customers are looking for a bargain, and others are looking for the best that money can buy. Offering multiple tiers of products or services ensures that each group pays for what they want to get.

8. Testimonials

Share your testimonials and let people hear how useful your product was from someone in authority and someone who is just like them.

9. Quality Writing

Anything that makes the text easier to understand is important, so use headings, bullet points, photos and videos.

10. Call To Action

If your call to action might not be immediately apparent, state it clearly, for instance you want want more newsletter subscriptions.

11. Your Website

Is your site slow? Does it work on all browsers?

12. Split Testing

Understand how people are looking at and clicking on things on your website. Test two different versions of a page at once with split testing and get concrete answers on what works and what doesn’t.

13. Follow Ups

After collecting email addresses from account setups or newsletter subscriptions, follow up with the users you are reaching. Ask what they are expecting to receive, what they thought of your product, any questions they might have for you.

Keep in mind that these recommendations only scratch the surface in terms of increasing conversion rates. If this all sounds too complicated, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer to set up events goals on your website for you, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.