How Do I Make Twitter A Success?

Making Twitter A Success, ice-cream, milkshake-factorySocial Media continues to see substantial growth among companies. Twitter and the other social media tools such as Facebook are serious business resources, they are not a passing fad as some critics believe. Businesses are now realising the need for a Twitter page can be used to provide useful information linking back to their business (link-back strategy).

Keeping Twitter up-to-date is simple and can be a great tool for keeping your brand in front of its audience. The following are 5 easy tips that can help you use Twitter successfully.

  1. Use A Simple Handle. Milkshake-factory use @milkshakefactor.
  2. Use Your Business Logo For Your Profile. There are several programs that can be used to size your logo correctly such as Photoshop or even a web application such as Pixlr.
  3. Include Your Business URL. If a user is viewing your Twitter page, there is no better way to drive them to your website than by featuring your business’ URL on your Twitter profile. This link will also provide another link back to your website for increasing your Google search ranking.
  4. Update You Twitter Bio. Tell people who you are and what your business does. The description should briefly answer these questions and can use @mentions of key people at the business.
  5. Connect & Engage. Companies often send out Twitter updates and don’t build connections. Twitter is a platform where you can speak to anyone (using the @mention) about any topic (using the #hashtag). Follow people and companies you want to know about and connect with, reach out to them and connect.

The best way to get maximum results from Twitter is to use it. Don’t worry about making mistakes, if they do happen, learn from them and move on. Followingretweetingmentioning and sharing, will help raise your comfort levels. After you have established your desired level of comfort, move on to creating your own content. Remember, as with any marketing or advertising, be patient. Twitter may not be an overnight sensation, but it can help position you for the masses to see.

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