How Small Business Owners Manage Their Blogs

creative bloggingBloggers have a proven impact on consumer spending. Blogs are the third most important digital service when it comes to influencing a purchase and yet much of this remains untapped because of the poor approach most businesses take to blogger outreach.

Here’s why you need a long term perspective:

1. Social media is social – relationships count

To attract the meaningful attention for business, your brand needs to stand out from the crowdWe all know that relationships count. Relationships are the key to experiencing greater success with your campaigns and while relationships require small but consistent investments, the rewards are manifold.

2. Google likes quality and consistency

When a blogger links to your site it tells Google that they think your site is of high quality, benefitting your standing in Google’s page ranking.

The immediate benefit of this is that when consumers search for your product both your site and the blog post will appear in a Google search giving consumers a first hand, authentic review influencing their thoughts on your product. These benefits are amplified when you work with a blogger, and they link to you, more than once.

3. Readers respond to authenticity

We need to move past a one click wonder approach to blogger outreach and stop asking who the “top bloggers” are. When you think about running a blogger program take the time to work out what the strategy is and how it fits into your whole digital program.

What Next

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