How Squidoo Lenses Can Help With Your Business

Using Squidoo lenses for providing backlinks can generate money for your business. I always thought of Squidoo Lenses primarily as a backlinking tool, I never considered creating one that was geared towards making sales until I discovered that you could use your own affiliate links and that they even have tools that help you do that. My lenses do earn me a couple of bucks a month, but I always thought of that as just extra “gravy” money.


I’ve always loved how Squidoo makes it easy to add videos, pictures and other modules to a lens and you can build a nice looking lens in an hour or two so it’s pretty easy to get something up on the web that you can make money from right away. Personally, I would focus on building each lens around one type of product.  For example, lets say you wanted to promote Desktop Aquariums.  What I would do is find 3 or 4 models of desk aquariums over on Amazon that I wanted to promote. Try to find some that have customer reviews and a high star rating.  Then do the usual keyword research to find some good keywords to focus your lens on.


Write a couple of paragraphs for the intro text module and include a photo of a desktop aquarium. Use your main keyword in there and, of course, name your lens with your main keyword. Add all your secondary keywords as tags and be sure to turn on the table of contents. Then, below that make a text module for each of the products you want to promote. In the case of the example here, it would be for each desk aquarium model.


In each text module, include a picture of the product (use the amazon code to get the picture with your affiliate link) Write a description of the product and talk about the benefits as well as how high it is rated and what customers liked most about the product (to do this you need to read the customer reviews, of course).  Then at the bottom, include a buy button and/or text link that says something like “CLICK HERE to find out more about the product and see customer reviews.” You can get buy button graphics that Amazon allows you to use at Also add a YouTube videos of your product.


Using Squidoo like this can be a great, inexpensive way to add another income stream and to test out new niches.  If you hit on some that do really well, then you can consider building out a full site on them and you can use your lens as an authority backlink to that site which should give it a good boost to start off with!

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