How To Bring Value To Your Content

How to bring value to content marketingAt Milkshake-factory, we have realised that if small businesses cannot clearly articulate their value proposition and herald that through meaningful content, they’ll lose out to competitors.  Your value proposition needs to be simple, short, and directly address customers’ pain points and indicate clearly how your solution will add value. The below elements will help small businesses bring value to your content:

1. Get A Meaningful Value Proposition

A clear and meaningful value proposition explains in an instant, why people should buy from you. It should be short, clear, focused and address what makes you different and special. And then, your value proposition should be integrated into all aspects of your B2B content marketing campaign.

2. Get A Deep Understanding Of Your Target Audience

Certainly you want to understand, demographically and philosophically, what your target customer ‘looks’ like and what their pain points are.

Ask yourself:

  • What questions or complaints do you hear repeatedly from your customers?
  • Do your products or services solve specific problems?
  • Are you filling an obvious gap and providing new value?

Knowing exactly what your target customer wants and needs allows you to reframe your content marketing strategy from your customers point of view.

3. Buy-in

When you, as the small business owner, are genuinely embraced and evangelised by your stance and believe in your direction of content marketing, then your team will follow, and the impact of content marketing is dramatically enhanced.

4. A Strategic Digital Presence

Sure, you can develop a website on your own to slap something up, quick and dirty. But I can pretty much guarantee that in due course, it will prove inadequate. Your web presence should:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Capture leads
  • Help to convert sales

Is your web presence set up to do these things?

5. Consistent Execution

Content marketing requires a lot of ongoing effort. It is not a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. It’s more like a ‘build it, renovate, repair, add on, improve, build it some more and keep building” approach. You have to continue to fuel your website and social media outlets with solid content, every week/day or you just won’t see results.

6. Track Your Analytics

Google analytics offers tremendous visibility, but too few small businesses leverage these tools properly.

  • What is your page rank?
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • What terms do people use to find you?
  • What is your bounce rate per page
  • What is your average time spent on page

Benchmark yourself against other content you have written.

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