How To Effectively Promote Your eBooks & Whitepapers

ebook promotionThe effort you put into creating valuable content downloadable as an ebook or whitepaper is often wasted because the promotion isn’t thought through or executed effectively and creatively. Here are five ways to promote your whitepapers or ebooks with the goal of generating a massive amount of traffic and downloads.

1. Engage Your Influencers First

Give your influencers an opportunity to review the content and solicit their feedback. By involving influencers and giving them the opportunity to shape or contribute content, they will be more likely to share the finished product.

2. Create A Video Promo

A promo video is an excellent way of previewing the content of your eBook or white paper and introduce viewers to the authors. You can place these videos on your landing pages and promotional blog posts to incite downloads.

3. Promote It On Widely-Read Media Outlets

A killer earned-media placement is a great way to kick off the promotional campaign for a significant piece of advanced content like an eBook.


4. Repurpose For A Webinar

Holding a webinar early on in the lifecycle of the promotional campaign is a great idea because it gives you the opportunity to take your message out into the world in an interactive and personal way. Even if you can’t secure a guest spot on an external webinar, holding your own webinar is still a good idea. You can invite those who have downloaded the content to attend and discuss the content, or simply repurpose the content itself into a new presentation. Alternatively, going into a live event with newly release ebook or whitepaper will give you something to showcase in a presentation and will generate a lot of buzz among attendees. Don’t be afraid to bring printed versions of your eBook or guide to hand out.

5. Include In Lead Nurturing and Automated Email Workflows

If you’re using marketing automation software, add the ebook to any automated email workflows as part of your lead nurturing campaign. A lead who has downloaded similar pieces of content in the past may be more likely to download the new offer, especially if they received a personalized email versus a plain email blast to your entire list.

What Next

Be sure to keep an eye on your analytics to see which sources are generating the most traffic and downloads, then stick with what works and discard what doesn’t. At Milkshake-factory, we are on a mission to make your small business marketing hassle free. You will find a lot of articles on our blog that can help you gain insight in the world of digital marketing. We hope these are going to be useful to you and we also look forward to your feedback on what else would you like to learn to help you to grow your small business. Consider hiring Milkshake-factory, complete marketing solutions, for all your marketing needs, contact us for a FREE consultation.