How To Engage With Your Twitter Followers

Engaging with your followers can be a difficult task, particularly when you are limited to 140 characters. The below elements can be used as a guideline for successful for Twitter posts and engaging with your target audience.

  1. Twitter Engagement, milkshake-factoryTweet Each Day. Sending 85 tweets per day all but ensures that they won’t be read. For most, 5-10 per day is perfect, spread out and varied. If you are engaging enough, you might push 20 per day successfully.
  2. Be Focused. Your posts should be varied and interesting, but make sure that your central message stays focused on drawing followers to your brand.
  3. Expert Provides Tips. When you are an expert, people want to know what you know. Tips and resources in your field will help.
  4. Conversations Go Both Ways. “Listening” to your social network is the not-so-secret key to optimal engagement. The only effective and efficient way to do this is with good software for social media management or social listening tools such as Sendible. Leaving remarks or questions unanswered sends the message that you don’t care. Say thank you, answer the question, give them info, and do it promptly.
  5. Know Your Brand. Make sure that you are promoting your brand more than your site. Your brand will follow you everywhere, not just on your domain.
  6. Leave room. If you want your tweets read and retweeted, keep them under 120 characters. This leaves room for a comment at the beginning or the automatic “RT @********” . Research shows that tweets from 90-118 characters are the most likely to be retweeted.

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