How To Get Even More Facebook Likes

Effective Facebook Ads,, Facebook Likes

Log in as your page and start finding the conversations you want to be in. Don’t sell down their throats immediately, but take part in what relates you to them.

Don’t become a spam bot or someone who would rather scream at the wall than listen to the people around them. If you keep shouting at the same 200 people over and over again they won’t multiply into 400. They will still be 200 with the same message grilled into the back of their brains. They might actually become 199 or 198 if they’ve had enough of your terrible marketing.

Go after Twitter to find people more likely to subscribe to your content on Facebook. Twitter search for facebook likes isn’t really a popular concept, but you’ll be able to find people that are already actively talking about your brand or keywords related to it. Join the conversation and introduce the content portal you’ve created via Facebook.

Have you been paying attention to the Facebook insights? Clearly you care about Facebook likes, but if you aren’t evaluating what you’re putting out there for your audience than you’re not going to know what works and what doesn’t.

Get Visual with Timeline, Milestones, and Events. Take advantage of timeline and be sure to have a vivid, explicit campaign that captivates your users regardless of your product. Even if your brand isn’t visual you can tap into trending items and relate them back to your core demographic.

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