How To Get More Traffic To Your Site

increase website traffic, milkshake-factory.com1. Email Using Lists – Being able to send an email blast to a real, interested targeted list of followers is one of the fastest and best ways to generate traffic to your website. Use the list your subscribers have subscribed to in forms.

2. Post Classified Ads – Craigslist get real eyeballs looking at their ads. Start posting some classified ads for your business on Craigslist.

3. Start a Google Adwords Campaign – You can find coupons on Google ads, use these to set up a campaign with normal keywords. The traffic is generally very good if a bit expensive. But Google Adwords is one of the fastest ways to get traffic, if they run your ads.

4. Start a Yahoo Search Marketing Campaign – Yahoo has traffic. It is not quite as good as Adwords, but they are a little easier to work with. Plus, the prices are slightly lower. Hint: I seem to get better conversions and lower prices for Australian Yahoo traffic. If this market applies to your business, you might try going down under.

5. Purchase PPV Traffic – PPV traffic is short for pay per view traffic. Generally, pay per view traffic is pop ups that you buy on pay per view traffic networks, users who have downloaded their applications and agreed to receive ads. When they type in their favorite sites in the browser or search bar, little pop up ads are triggered according to the URLs and keywords they type. The traffic is keyword and/or URL targeted. So, if you want your ad to pop up on your competitor’s site, you can do this with ppv traffic. Remember you only have a second to capture their attention. You must create a landing page which immediately catches their attention and gives them a clear call to action.

6. Guest Blogging – Getting a guest blog post published on a busy blog that actually has real readers eye-balling your post and commenting is a fast way to get traffic. You also have the implied recommendation of the host blogger. Guest blogging is both a long term and a short term strategy for traffic and SEO.

7. Video Marketing – YouTube is the second busiest search engine after Google. And, of course Google owns YouTube which does not hurt. I have noticed that videos on YouTube show up quickly in search results. There are also other video hosting sites such as DailyMotion and Metacafe.

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