How To Get Twitter Verified Tick Badge?

twitter verified account, milkshake-factoryWe’ve all seen the Twitter tick verified logo on Twitter profiles, but what does this logo really mean to small businesses?

People want to prove their accounts belong to them, especially as fake and impostor profile accounts keep popping up. But just who gets verified by Twitter and how?

Who Can Get Verified?

Twitter only gives the blue verified tick badge to highly sought celebrities and public figures or those at risk of impersonation, to establish authenticity of identities. Currently, general users cannot get Twitter verified. And the verification process is unknown. There is nothing to suggest that Twitter will ever verify accounts for the general public.

There Must Be Another Way, Surely?

What is needed is a way for users to be able to prove their own identities and social profiles on all the social networks. If you think you meet the criteria for verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient with Twitter.

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