How To Increase Blogger Engagement

blog engagementIt might sound easy to improve your engagement with your audience using your blogs, but it can turn quite difficult. It takes planning and analysis of your efforts to determine how to make your readers respond. A few ideas to get you started on the process include:

1. Ensure Your Posts Are Relevant

If you’re not writing something that is current and not directly related to your niche or the keywords you are targeting, you’re going to find the wrong readers and give them the wrong information. Readers are far more likely to comment on something if it is relevant to them, so think about your topics.

2. Use Post Plugins

Plugin are easy to use and will allow other relevant blog posts that you have written to show up on the bottom of the article. This will help readers find more articles that interests them.

3. Ask Questions

The audience is likely to engage if you give them a reason to respond by ending your posts with a question.

4. Article Formatting

Ensure that the articles are formatted in a way that is easy to read. Keep it between 700 and 1400 words and incorporate bullet points, subheadings, italics and bold faced text.

5. Load Times

Google likes to see faster load times for pages, and rewards you SEO benefit.

Reader engagement often works like a domino affect. Once people see that hundreds of others are tweeting your articles, they will be more apt to do the same. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact for complete marketing solutions.