How To Optimise Your Landing Page

landing page optimisation, milkshake-factory.comA good landing page serves one purpose, to get your visitors to take specific action you’ve defined for them. To optimise your landing page, and ensure your potential customers are visiting your landing page, consider the following elements:

1. Capturing Headline

The headline used on your landing page is the first link between your business and the potential customer. It is only a matter of seconds before the user decides to stay or leave your landing page, these few short words are absolutely critical in engaging the potential customer.

2. Image Library

Images capture attention, they convey powerful subconscious associations to your website and are effective in controlling the path your potential customers will take across your landing page.

3. Image Placement

Images placed on your landing page should be tested where you place them. Images can be used to draw attention, position them strategically in order to move your visitors through your landing page and focus their interest on key elements of your conversion process.

4. Website Colours

The specific colours chosen should powerful feelings and associations to your readers, and if the colors you’ve chosen for your landing page aren’t in line with what your visitors are thinking, you could be killing your conversion rates.

5. Content Structure

Try adding a persuasive video clip to your landing page, as these interactive elements have often been shown to be more engaging to readers than plain box of text.

6. Use Bullet Points

Bullet points are used for readers to quickly grasp your selling preposition. Very few web content readers take note of every single word found on a given page, use bullet points.

7. What Is Your Call To Action?

At some point on your landing page, you’re going to ask your readers to take action. Your headline text and the images add value to your call to action.

8. Test “Click Here” Buttons

Whether you’re selling products or simply gathering information for offline follow up or email list inclusion, the particular details of your “Click here” button can play a big role in your conversion rate. A few of the different elements to consider:

  • The wording used on the button
  • The color of your button header text, button outline, button background and button text
  • Any authority indicators such as the credit card images displayed below the button

9. Use Testimonials

Testimonials are powerful indicators of social proof a part of your website, you’ll want to be sure they’re working as effectively as possible.

10. Use Authority Indicators

Authority indicators are graphic symbols included to encourage trust between you and your landing page visitor.  For example, if your business is a member of a community, you may include their logo on your landing page in order to build trust with readers who may not otherwise be familiar with your brand.

11. Put In Place A Marketing Strategy

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