How To Successfully Launch Your Website

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The following steps should be considered when launching your website:

STEP 1: Test Your Website

It is crucial that you go through each and every page, link, interaction and form on your website to assure that everything is working as it should. Test the



1) Cross Browser Testing – check various web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

2) Link Testing – check all of the hyperlinks and navigational links are directing to the appropriate pages.

3) Form Testing – check all the contact forms can be submitted properly.

4) Interaction and Media Testing – check for any interactive elements such as dropdown menus, flash presentations, videos etc.

Step 2: Proofread Your Content

Content is one of the most important elements of any website. It helps a website rank in the search engines and it proves to visitors that your business is the best resource for what they are shopping for or researching. The fastest way to discredit your business is to have poorly written content on your website. Even the smallest grammar error could turn a visitor off so take the extra time and go through every single word, sentence and paragraph on your website before launching it.

Step 3: User Testing

The end user or your visitors are the people you need to ultimately cater your website to, not yourself. By collecting any feedback before you launch and implementing some of the common things people are asking for you will save yourself time and money.

Step 4: Website Analytics And Tracking

Ensure you add an Analytics and Stats Tracking program that will allow you to properly track the visitor trends on your website such as daily new visitors, average time spent on your website, the most visited pages on your site and much more. This information is extremely valuable in the long term success and optimization of your website.

Step 5: Announce Your Website Launch

When you have your launch date, stick to it. Tie all of your marketing together by announcing your website launch.

1) Write a Press Release and submit it to online PR websites

2) Submit your website to the search engines

3) Submit your website to social networking sites

4) Submit your website to business directories

5) Put your new website URL and launch announcement in your email signature

These website launch tips are just what you need to make sure that the first impression your new website makes is the right one.

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