How To Write An eBook in 24 Hours

How To Write An eBook in 24 hours

Getting out rich content in less than 24 hours can be challenging, but do-able. Below I have listed my tips in how to write an eBook in 24 hours, enjoy with a strawberry milkshake!

Spend at least 3 hours doing your research. What has been written before about the topic at hand, and other quality sources? Look into forums, blogs, websites even Facebook pages. Take note of the most common topics mentioned, what are the issues, problems and solutions and can you add to this in the eBook? Save every link, so you can reference it in your eBook when need be. Available time (0-3 hours)

Spend at least 3 hours creating structure. The structure of the eBook will be the blueprint of how you plan to convey your content. Create a contents page, write the chapters you need to cover, main subjects for each and the subheadings that are included in each. Think about how to lead your readers through specific elements, so they are more likely to take action and gain the most value out of your eBook. FreeMind can help you with the structure. FreeMind is a free mind mapping application, allows you to edit a hierarchical set of ideas around a central concept. Available time (3-6 hours)

Spend at least 6 hours writing. Remember quality content is king. Don’t edit yourself as you write just yet. Get everything out all at once without changing the way it sounds. Take a break every 2 hours for 15 minutes. Even if you feel like working past the 2 hours, force yourself to stop. This start and stop method allows your mind to rest but also creates excitement to get back into your work. Available time (6-18 hours)

Spend at least 2 hours editing and designing. Print out your work and manually editing the papers with a pen because this will force you to stay focused. Read your content aloud because there are many things that doesn’t make sense if you’re only reading it in your mind. Available time (18-21 hours)

Spend at least 2 hours packaging up your eBook. Brusheezy is a tool that could be used to incorporate images into your eBook and MyEcoverMaker is a tool that could help with cover design. Available time (21-24 hours)

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