How Top Companies Are Utilising Social Media

Top Companies Social MediaThe most popular companies using all four social media channels include Telstra, Optus, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Myer, Monash University and the University of Sydney. All of these companies were found to be using Twitter and Facebook for multiple purposes, like customer service and updating followers with company information and promotions.

To really get a sense of how these leading organisations are succeeding in their social media efforts, I thought it might be helpful to take a closer look at the habits of one of the most popular and most active social media users.

Telstra uses all four platforms and uses each platform differently. Twitter is used mainly for customer service, with service agents responding to enquiries individually. If the question can’t be resolved on Twitter, the question is directed to the correct department.

As for Facebook, Telstra uses their company page to provide general information, stories, video and promotion of products and services.

Next in their social media basket is the networking channel LinkedIn. Telstra has one of the highest followings on LinkedIn. The company promotes careers at Telstra through the careers pages, while their posts are mostly business and career-focused.

On YouTube, Telstra has over two million views and the company runs a number of separate YouTube channels. The content on these channels is organised so that different types of customers can find different types of content relating to Telstra’s technology, products and services.

What this tells us is that organisations devoted to honing their social media skills and strategies will capture the attention and engagement of their customers, like Telstra has. It’s important to keep in mind that Telstra’s success is largely a result of recognising that different channels have different audiences. As far as social media platforms are concerned, success is not just about covering your bases. It’s also about revealing the behaviour and preferences of your customers so you can refine your approach. Organisations that don’t continue to refine and tailor their approach to meet different audience needs risk being labelled ‘out of touch’ with customers. However, organisations that act on the customer preference information revealed by social media usage should find that their success with social media will improve exponentially.

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