How Will AuthorRank Enhance My Social Search?

What will be predicted to drive traffic to your website in 2013? Google has thrown us panda and penguin updates, which essentially affect our SERPs, then we have PageRank, when it comes to assessing the quality of our website, but next year, AuthorRank, a new metric, will ascertain content quality and search engine relevancy.

Search engines used to measure the relevance and quality of a website on how it’ll rank in the SERPs. With AuthorRank, content quality will not be measured by the authority of a domain alone. The online relevance and Klout score of a person that authored the content, will now be the basis in getting it ranked. With this in mind, an author’s online reputation will grade them and use that when users search for relevant content.

Establish your AuthorRank by taking into consideration the following elements:

AuthorRank, milkshake-factory1.) Increased Visibility Through Engagement

When an author’s content gains engagement from readers by sharing and commenting, that content becomes a part of the author’s ID on the Web. The relevant content is, you then become visible to AuthorRank.

2.) An Effective Lead Generation Tool

Quality content is never ignored, as people will share content to their own network, if they find value in it. The more personalised and unique your content is, the more it will be shared to a number of different networks.

3.) Social Integration Leads To Endorsements

In order to establish AuthorRank, an author should connect their other social accounts to their Google+ page using rich snippets once they receive a Google Authorship. Comments will also be a crucial aspect in relevancy for one’s AuthorRank score. With this in tow, social endorsements will have a major effect in the SERPs and will be a significant metric in Social Search.

4.) The Value of Personal Branding

Social Search is definitely a key aspect in enhancing one’s personal branding. The more social endorsements you have then the more you’re credible, which means opportunities for potential leads will come to you.

With AuthorRank, marketers should complement their content with thought leadership in order to establish a personal brand and establish engagement. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact for complete marketing solutions.